Thursday, 20 December 2012

London 2012:Review

Hi guys, lets get into the review of London 2012 the game.
Right, let me just tell you off the bat, if you are looking for a game with a long story line, then go and at another review. I you are however looking for a game that makes you feel a pang of longing for the summer of sport to return then keep reading.
     With 36 playable countries and 31 events, with a couple only playable with multiplayer or co-op. This is a game that, despite the tiny "story mode", will have you coming back to beat high scores of your previous runs or you can compete against the online leaderboards available for all events. As I said earlier the "story mode" is very short taking no more that 3 hours, now that may sound very short but, let me explain. You play through 9 days of sports, each day you are given 6 sporting options to chose from and you have to pick 2 events. So you can play the mode 3 times and still play it differently, although that isn't a massive claim to fame these days. The thing you will want to play over and over again is the mode in which you can choose up to 8 events and then go through in a playlist formation.
       You can also play with other people via a split screen mode, or, as I said, with other player around the world. This is a brilliant-yet competitive-version of the game. Although this game has plently on offer the high repetitive nature of the game can get very irritating.
      So in conclusion this is a very good game with some good graphics and good modes but not masses of replay ability, so onto the score.
Graphics: Very good graphics with few problems, well rounded, the water is astounding.                       9/10
Sound: There is no lip syncing so little challenge.                                                                                    9/10
Multiplayer: Easy to mannage menues, when someone else choses the events they can be your worst.    8/10
Legnth: Tiny campaign, a wealth of extra features but they get very repetive.                                          6/10
Gameplay: All the controls are easy and well explained, the running, swimming and throwing feel good.  9/10
Which gives a grand total of 8/10, a good sports game but some thoughts for improvement for the Rio 2016 game when it comes out.
This will be my last post before Christmas so may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, I will return to posting and reviewing in the New Year.
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Hope you have enjoyed the post, check back soon for more posts.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Batman Arkam Asylum:Review

Hi guys as you will see from the photo above and the title this is the review for Batman:Arkam Asylum, enjoy.
This is a game like no other I have ever played before, now I'm not saying it's the best but comes damn near close. Lets start with the combat, this is combat at its simplest with square or X being strike, O or B to stun, triangle or Y to counter and X or A being jump. Note all the controls are PS3 first and X-box following. Then you through in combos in there and combat becomes the best in any game I have played. When you get into a flow you really do feel like Batman. All though this is an open-world game it isn't very big, but the whole point is that you are never to far from alot of foes(until you finish the game). This adds a real sense of atmosphere to the game, couple that with the demonic architecture and all the darkness of the island and you have a killer combo(pun intended).
      Although the island is to small for side quests the story is  fast paced and thrilling, and there are 240 riddler challenges scattered around the island. These collectables are the best in any game ever. I think it is because you unlock challenge maps because of it along with hilarious thrapy sessions with all the main villains. You can also unlock bios for every single villain I have ever heard of.
      This isn't a game for the faint hearted nor the weekend gamers, as you will want to get into the game and can lose the plot a bit if you spend some time away from it. One of the many challenges you will face in the game is, being thrown into a room full of armed guards and you are quested with taking them all out silently without detection. Now this is a doddle if you have the "Inverse takedown" and "Sonic Baterang" unlocked. So that you can send a goon under a gargoyle and then take him out. No other game makes you feel quite so awesome about your own skills as batman.
      The plot is a good one as well with you being placed on Arkam Island until such time as you have put an end to the Jokers plot. The plot that would see the whole of Gotham meeting a painful end, big surpass there then. The game has a real sense of reality to it, as though this could really be happening somewhere and the villains really exist. The designers at Rocksteady have excelled again with this game, if you don't have it I urge you to go out and get it as soon as your local shop opens.
      After that build up lets look at the score.
Gameplay: The combat is heavy and realistic, but the final camera shot can highlight some problems.      9/10
Sound: The lip syncing isn't the best but the voices are so good that doesn't matter. The voicer actor for the Joker really brings this mass murdering psychopath to life with a bang.                                                   8/10
Length: The campaign will last about 15-17 hours but with no side missions that isn't the best, but the 240 riddler trophies are so much fun to collect that you have content for many, many hours to come.            8/10
Graphics: The graphics are very good with Batman looking muscular and the villains looking demonic. 9/10
That gives a grand total of: 8.5/10
This is a brilliant game that I can not recommend enough.
Thank you for reading, you can check back soon for a review of this games sequel Batman:Arkam City, until then, goodbye.