Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little Big Planet

Right for anyone with a PS3 or anyone who is thinking of getting one you will know that one of the main games that is exclusive to PS3 is little big planet and in this post I will tell you about just how good it is.
It is a brilliant game that is a totally of the wall game with you in control of a little avatar made of hessian-good for the environment-that you can literally control everything about it you can change his-or her-facial expressions move his-or her right from now on if I say him or his insert her were applicable-arms. The levels are also very well designed so you really get into the feel for it. Unfortunately I am currently stuck on a level which I have tried several times to do but can't crack it. Speaking of stuck on levels I have officially finished Portal 2 dispute what I said in a previous post. I would definitely recommend this game especially for anyone who is on PSN because there are about 5 million man maid levels online. So overall a veery good game.
Onto the score.
Sound: The protagonist never talks so there is minimal lip syncing, other that that average sound effects. 7/10
Visuals:It's a 2D game so graphics are easy and they are satisfactory.                                                 8.5/10
Gameplay:Gameplay is good, typical for a 2D game, some hard jumping sections but mainly very good 9/10
Legnth:The story takes between 15 and 20 hours but then you have custom built levels so, basicly endless.                     10/10
Multiplayer: Like I said you can play other peoples levels, a very good multiplayer.                              10/10
So in total that is 9/10 a very good game with some minor flaws.
Thats all from you're loving blogger for now

Portal 2

I am going to be talking about Portal 2 in this.

Right to start with is a very good game that anyone with a brain should have. Before you play the game though I do warn you that you may want to lock up any sharp knives as it can get a bit frustrating. I do warn you that there are some quite funny bits in the game, such as Stephen Merchant whom is just brilliant and GLaDOS who is very rune but still quite funny. The whole concept is a new one-in the recent past-with a gun that can shoot a hole in the wall and then go out at a new place in the level. Anyone who has played the game will back me up in the fact that it is a very good game at some point in the game you will have to just walk away and come back probably after some wine!!!
     Seriously though anyone who has got a bit fed up with all of the games that pander to the thickest of thick people. This is a game that makes you think about where the game is going. I do advise to anyone who can say they own the game DO NOT save the game while falling in to the abyss that is the bottom of the level as when you get to the bottom and die it takes you back to, you guessed it , falling down. I haven't gone back to it in several weeks but I am gearing up to going back to it. I will tell you how that goes probably not well but we will address that when we get to it.
Right I think that about sums Portal 2 very good but with some down sides

Sound:A good cast with some halarious lines. No voice acting.                                                            9/10
Visuals:No faults with the graphics but they can be a bit bland at times.                                                7/10
Gameplay:Good FP mechanics with some solid ideas behind it. Also some brilliant challenges.             10/10
Legnth:The campaign will take you about 20-25 hours depending on how you find the challenges.        9/10
Multiplayer:There is no multiplayer just online co-op which is flawed but not horendous.                       5/10
So the grand total is 8/10 a good game that can be a little to difficult in places. Don't expect to finish it with no anger.
I hope you like my blog and the review.

Hello and wecome

Hi and welcome to my blog.
This is a redesign of my old blog, that old blog will no longer be used but will have all old posts on it.
On this blog I will be reviewing games, if you want me to review a specific game you can leave a comment and I will do the best I can. The next umpteen posts will be transferring all old post from my other blog to this one.
One of the reasons for the change is the new scoring system. If you read my old blog you will know that I just gave the game a single score at the end of the post. Now I will be going into more depth, it will look like the following:
Graphics: They are good graphics but not the best.                                                                              7/10
Length: A game that will take you between 10 and 15 hours, not long enough.                                      6/10
Sound: Good lip syncing but the music is very irritating.                                                                          8/10
Gameplay: The feel of the game is good but could be improved.                                                            8/10
Multiplayer: The multiplayer is very good but the match making lets it down.                                          9/10
This is not a real game and I will be clearer when there is an actual game to be reviewed.
I hope you like the blog and feel the need to return.
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