Sunday, 21 October 2012

New games in the rest of the year:Part 2

Hi guys, before we get started could I just thank all of you who looked at part 1 of this feature. I really appreciate the support.
     Right lets get into things.

Up first in the spotlight is Dust 514, I have the privildge of playing the beta for this game. The first thing that strikes you is the scale of what is happneing. The maps are massive about on par with some of the larger maps on BF3. No the thing that is massive in this game is the MMO side of it. If any of you have ever played runescape then you will know just how many itams are in the game. Think of the Grand Exchange in that game but fill it with alien tech and guns. One of the creaters behind the game said it would take 7 years to full max out the leveling system. This is size like we have never seen before, but can they get all of that out of the PS3 without any hicups on the way?
Now I will be taking about Need for Speed Most Wanted, I'm sure most of you have heard of the first one on the PS2, well this game is nothing to do with that game. It is the same principle with you aiming to be the most wanted, but now you are aiming to be the most wanted among you friends. Yes this is taking the EA autolog system and running with it. For me this game could be the best driving game of 2012 but they need to pull it of correctly. My main two problems with it are, what if you don't have internet? What if you don't have any PSN/Xbox Live friends? Or if you do but non of them have got the game? Will it just through you in with aload of strangers who could be some of the best in the world? I know not the answers to these questions, but it really could be the sleeper driving game of 2012.

As you may know I loved the multiplayer of Battlefield 3 and this game looks to be very similar the obvious contection is the Frostbite 2 engine. I have seen abit of the beta footage that recently took place for all Xbox Live users and it looked to be somewhere between BF and COD so this could be an interesting game to look out for. Obviously it won't re-define the genre like COD 4 did but it might be an interesting game to play come the release.
Last but not least Little Big Planet Karting, what sort of feature of big games without an entry from sackboy. This game looks to be the sort of game that not many people will play but will be one of the brilliant karters on PS3. As anyone who has played LBP or LBP2 will know that the customisation is the biggest point of the game, this feature looks not to have been lost here. You can make your own tracks,carts and much more that has yet to be announced. I personly loved Mario Kart and this game looks to have the brilliant functions of a karter. Deffinitly one to watch.
Right that about sums up the final part of this feature on games coming out before christmas.
I hope have liked the feature if you are looking to get any of the games I would love to hear about it in the comments section. You can also follow me/message me on twitter at
For now but never the end.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

New games in the rest of the year:Part 1

Hello every single one of my dear readers
Now, in this post I will be giving the run down on all the hot games coming out before santa arrives with his sack full of games.

   First on my agenda is Playstation all stars battle royale as you may have guessed from the big pic above. I have got to say, I was looking forward to this game until earlier today I downloaded the beta and was very underwhelmed. You can expect a full in-depth review of the beta in the coming days, but for now I can say that it looks to have very little appeal to me, it also looks to lack re-playability. But anyway I will play some more and tell you on this very blog shortly.
Up next in the spotlight is Assassins Creed 3 or as I like to put III. This game looks to be my personal GOTY that is for games that came out this year. Recently the multiplayer trailer came out, I couldn't have been more excited if I tried. The multiplayer really seems to have developed since Revelations with the added game modes Wolf Pack and Domination. Both of these look to really improve the game mode. Another thing the trailer said was the use of perks, now you can equip one of 10 perks that will last the entire length of the match. Both of these things look to take AC to the next level.

Next on my agenda in Call Of Duty:Black Ops II, the story of this looks to be taking COD in a whole new direction, and with the return of the hit game mode Nazi Zombies this game looks to be a really good contribution to the series.
Now ending part 1 of this feature Hitman Absolution. This game in the next game in the hit series Hitman and looks to be sticking to its roots at the same time as looking to introduce new players to the game. The contracts mode also looks to be a real addition to the game with players completing a mission and then uploading the criteria to a online server where other players can try and complete that mission for example: in a chicken suit only killing the main target and then hiding the body in a cupboard. I'm sure you can see how this will really extend the game. That coupled with the 9-10 different ways in which to complete each mission this game could be a real contender on the charts this Christmas.
That sums up this part of "New games in the rest of the year" part 2 will be uploaded shortly.
Hope you like, and feel free to comment with you opinions on the games covered.

News:The new Playstation store

Hi guys
I will be giving you the story behind the new PS store and when it will be coming to your country.
UPDATE: Right guys the new PS store is live in all EU countrys. So go look at it and comment with your views on it. I should be doing a review of it soon.

Right on with the news. About a month ago Sony announced that there would be a make over for the PS store. They also said that it would be released on the 17th of October 2012. So there we are waiting with baited breath for the new PS store, only to find out that it has been pushed back"until further notice" for countries such as the UK or France. This was due to the fact that the when they did release it in the UK there where widespread reports of very slow operating times and the inability to add funds to you "wallet". Due to this they took the store down in the places with the problems and would put them back up when the problems were fixed. I would just like to say now that the store is up in most places at the moment. While I am writing this very pieces PS Europe announced on Twitter that the new store was available in France. The store is available in North America and many other places but it is yet to extend its grasp into the UK.
      For me the problem isn't that we don't have it yet in the UK but more the fact that this happened in the first place. I'm sure from Sonys point of view they would have liked a smooth re-vamp especially in the UK where they recently sold their 5 millionth PS3. It does really beg the question, in a company as big as Sony or Playstation how couldn't they have foreseen an event like this? I mean they know how many people use the store on a daily basis, so why couldn't they just test that the store would work.
Well I think that is all for now, I will update this post when the UK store goes live

Friday, 19 October 2012

Battlefield 3:Multiplayer Review

Hi guys
I know that I haven't done a review for the full game yet but I thought seen as I'm playing the multiplayer way way way more that the single/co-op campaign I would just give you stuff as I did it.
       Right firstly for the few bad things in the game. Firstly if you haven't played a BF game before-like me- then it is a very steep learning curve. It takes quite a while to get used to the team based side of it, but when you start to get it-I am about there now- the game really takes form, that form being a very good one. One of my other quibbles with it is, as you may know there are 4 classes with the game, assault, engineer, support and recon. If you unlock a gun set for the support class, take the Scar-H, then you can't use the Scar-H with the assault class. I think this is quite a stupid aspect of the game and hope it is changed for BF4. When you first join the MP for each class you get 2 guns, but each gun can only be used for a specific team. IE one of the start of guns for the support class is the M27-IAR, I personally really like this gun, but I can only use it when I am playing for the American team. There is a totally different gun for when you play as the Russian team. Don't get me wrong when you unlock your fist proper gun with that class you can use it when playing on both teams but the start can be a bit tricky.
     My last problem is the sound, the sound cuts out all the time, I don't know if it related to which server you are on or just one of those things, but it is very annoying when all you can hear is your own foot steps, not the jet going over head or even you own gun.
     But enough with the problems and lets get onto the good things with the game. The guns feel very solid in your hand, and when the sound does decide to work it is a spectacle to behold. What I would say is the best bit in the whole of the game is the destruction, the whole world can just change around you. No more can you hunker down behind a wall as said wall has just disappeared due to the rocket launcher sent from across the room. The destruction is just the right amount as well, guns will make shrapnel fly and make dents in the material,but in that situation I just described the enemy can't just open fire on the wall and watch it crumble away. On the whole the multiplayer is the best I have ever played and would thoroughly advise picking up the game at your earliest convenience.
Onto the score:
Length: As long as you want to spend on it.                                                                                         10/10
Multiplayer: Really good.                                                                                                                      8/10
Sound: Poor and will conk out at times.                                                                                                 5/10
Gameplay: Solid guns and brilliantly designed maps.                                                                            10/10
Graphics: Flawless with brilliant distraction.                                                                                         10/10
Giving us a grand total of 9/10. Don't forget this is just for the multiplayer side of the game. You can expect my review of the full game inc the multiplayer shortly.
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News-Skyrim DLC

Hi guys and as you may have guessed for the big Skyrim pic above this in some Skyrim news
Right onto the news. As most of you will know all PS3 players have been hard done to with all the lag and then no DLC well this is rumored to to about to change.
       The next Skyrim DLC looks to be called DragonBorn and might be coming to PS3 users 30 days earlier that Xbox or PC users. Also in this DLC there looks to be some new armor called "Nordic" armor.
All of this is exciting news Skyrim fans of PS3. Bethesda have also seemed to have brought another brilliant game out going by the name of Dishonored.
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cubixx HD review

Hi guys
As I promised I will review Cubixx HD so here it is.
I personally never played cubixx the original but now I have bought cubixx HD from PSN and I am really enjoying it there are times when you think of for goodness sake why is it soooooo hard but it really is a good game. You get a lot of content for you money as well. You get the main 50 levels split up into 10 stages and after that you have line attack point attack death attack-sense a theme- and doing levels against the clock. As I said the 50 levels are split into 10 stages each stage-and in fact level-gets harder and harder. At the start of a stage you have 4 lives until you die. You can get more liver by picking up stuff and getting a certain amount of points. It can get really frustrating at times. I am only on stage...... 2 I know my skill is cringe worthy. I did get really close to stage 3 and then... Well died. It isn't a game to play for long periods of time but I think it is definitely worth getting. It is on a deal ATM for £5 which is a pain as I paid £6.50. The way you have to download it is storage first you have to get the trial for free and the "upgrade" it.
All the bad things aside I will give this game a total of 7.5/10
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Sorry this post has taken so long to get out, after I said on twitter a post would be coming soon!!

Battlefield 3:Preview to the Review/ACR update

Hi guys
Just wanted to keep you all upto date as to why I haven't posted in a while. As you may have guessed from the title I have recently got Battlefield 3 so am therefore playing it alot, but fear not I will be continuing on my Road To Platinum on Assassins Creed Revelations. So I will be playing ACR one day and then playing Battlefield 3 the next day. You can expect a review of Battlefield 3 shortly.