Friday, 31 May 2013

Assassins Creed IV: Dev Trailer

Hi guys
Just a quick post here to tell you that Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer for AC IV, this time featuring the Development team behind the upcoming game. The trailer doesn't really show us many new shots of the game. There are some in there but not all that many. No this trailer pays homage to the great team behind the game. I did notice that the snippets we did get of our protagonist were of a much higher quality, let me show you, these shots are just taken from the trailer no special effects, nothing, just what the game will look like!

Above: We can see that the traditional, leap of faith, will be returning to the game.
Left: This is just to show off how game the game will look.

Above: Showing off just how bad ass Edward will look in the game. SHADOWS.
Left: Just one of the games 50 locations in the game, this one appears to be a tropical island, hiding some valuable treasure, ripe for the picking.

There you go, and now I will leave you with the trailer:
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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Run up to E3 2013: Part 2

Hi guys
 I as I promised in the last E3 post I will be talking about an Xbox game. I was going to talk about more than just one game, but after the abysmal Xbox One announcement I though that I would only talk about one. Anyway the three games I will be talking about are Halo 5, Battlefield 4, and Batman Origins.
First up is Halo 5, this is a series which I have never personally played but I have obviously heard of it, this game will probably see you reprising your role as Master Cheif, I say probably because we have heard very little about this game other than its announcement at the Xbone reveal. I'm sure we will hear more about this game at Microsofts E3 conference.
Battlefield 4
As you can see the next game I will be talking about is Battlefield 4, if you follow me on twitter you will know just how much I have played, if you want to see my stats for BF3 you can on Battlelog. I really can't wait for more details on this game, as I'm sure you remember there was a 17 minute game play released a few months ago. Which was taken from the single player side of the game I was very impressed by the looks of the game but was slightly concerned about their focus on Single player, well that should be dispelled at E3. DICE have confirmed that there will be a live demo for the multiplayer of BF4. I am very excited for the release of this game later this year.
Batman Arkam Origins
This is a game which will precede all of the current Arkam games, this game is set on a Christmas eve on an unknown year in Batman's early life. We have had only one trailer for this game which was a CGI trailer, so you can't think of that as the final graphics, but I think it looks like a totally epic game and can't wait to see some actual game play at E3 this year. If you haven't seen the trailer then you can below: 
As you can see in this game our main enemy will be Black Mask, a villain which we have never seen before in a Batman game, I think it is safe to say that this game is looking really good already.
     So that brings us to the end of this road to E3, if there are any game you would like to hear me talk about leave it down in the comments below.
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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Asssassins Creed IV and Watch_Dogs on Xbox One

Hi guys
 I have some very exciting news for you today, as I'm sure you are aware yesterday the Xbox One was announced, it got mixed reviews but personally I think it looks like it is focusing to much on entertainment rather than gaming, I'm sure we will see more at E3, but that is not the reason of this post. No the reason of this post in a press release from Ubisoft which states that both Watch_Dogs and AC IV will be coming to Xbox One. That information was kind of inevitable but the interesting news is that at least 6 Ubisoft titles will be being launched with in the first year of the Xbox One being released! Those 6 games do include Watch_Dogs and AC IV, but that is still very impressive on Ubisofts part.
     There were also 2 new screen shots for the games, the Watch_Dogs one isn't very new but it is a pretty cool thing to look at, so here you go:
Assassins Creed IV Black Flag

As you can see this is a "hacked" conversation between someone at Microsoft and another unknown part talking about Watch_Dogs being released for Xbox One. I will be very interested if anyone actually finds this message in game. I suspect not but that would be a nice touch.

This shot sees our main character Edward swinging round a corner onto a waiting roof top, there are also many explosions occurring around him. From what I can see I would suggest this shot is taken from Havana one of 3 main locations in AC IV, along with 50 other sub locations.

The release then goes on to give a little information about both games, nothing we didn't know just a summery.
     If you haven't seen the Xbox One reveal you can here:
I hope this is some new information to you, what did you think of the Xbox One reveal? Leave it down blow.
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Monday, 20 May 2013

Xbox Infinity Announcement

Hi guys
Just a quick post to tell you what I'm sure you already know; that the next Xbox is going to be announced tommorow(Tuesday 21st May 2013) at 6 PM BST, there is also going to be new trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts, Activision have confirmed that there will be no demo though so don't get your hopes up. If you want to watch the stream you can or on Xbox Live.
Just here to keep you up to date.

Batman Arkam City:Reveiw

Hi guys
This is a game that will immerse you in the world; whether you are gliding round the bleak landscape of Arkam, or slowly formulating a plan for taking down the latest set of snipers, or if you are facing 20 enemies and feeling like a badass when you get through unscathed. All these things will have you in them, you will be the one doing these things, not you simply playing as a character who is doing all these things.
     This is the sequel to the acclaimed and a personal favourite of mine, Batman Arkam Asylum a game which left pretty massive boots to fill for Arkam City, it is very safe to say that it has succeeded. This game will see you reprising your role as our dark knight; Batman, this time as the title suggests we are in the whole city as opposed to just the Arkam island. I am glad to say that it has pulled of this seamlessly. The whole game will see you trying to work out what Protocol 10 is, it is an unknown plot orchestrated by the warden of Arkam City, Hugo Strange. I can assure you right now if you play this game, you will be gripped from taking your first baby bat steps, to you fully fledged badass leaps.
     That has really summed up Batman Arkam City; Badass, this is a game that will make you think, Did I just do that? That is a thought that will stay with you throughout your experience in Arkam City. I only have one real niggle with this game, and that is the campaign length, it will only take you 15 hours at a push. Now there is so much content in the map that you will be able to play the game much after seeing the title roles.
     That brings me to the end of my review of this game, it is a true pleasure to play and you need to play it before the current gen of consoles takes its bow.
Time to move the scores:
Length: A pretty short campaign, but there is so much more content in the world.                                   7/10
Graphics: Stunning graphics, for faces and the world.                                                                             9/10
Sound: Brilliant lip syncing, and a lot of conversations you can eavesdrop on.                                         9/10
Multiplayer:N/A, just leader boards but I don't count them.
Story:A very good story, but can feel as though the game is just padding at certain point.                        7/10
So that gives a total 8/10 a great game but with a few draw backs, still a must have for any gamer.
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Mass Effect 3:Review

Hi  guys and welcome to the future, welcome to the best shooter, welcome to the best Si-Fi, welcome to the best game I have ever played; welcome to Mass Effect 3.
I know, that was quite a build up but this game is... Words can barley describe how I felt while I played this game.
Before I start the review I would just like to say that this review will be totally SPOILER FREE   

I want to be able to talk about all the good things in the game without hinderence so I will get the one, yes one bad thing out of way, the shame is, is that is a quite anoying feature in the game, but it is still the most flawless game ever.
   The bad thing is, as you play through the story you get the next mission in the story, so far this sounds like your normal game, but the main story missions are marked as priority, and it litterally means it, if you don't do it and instead do one of the many side missions, you will be penilised, let me tell you this, one mission needs you to defuse a bomb, I chose not to straight away and instead when and did a few side missions. I still regret that, and don't think that it is just in the back of the game somewhere sorting things out, one of the main characters actually said that they debated helping me after not sorting the bomb. This iritated me on numerous occasions. There is a mission close to the end where you can do all the side missions with out hinderence, but a) you want to be able to do side missions when ever you want and b) it isn't made that clear that you are free to do them.
     Anyway I said that was the only bad thing about the game and it is. The rest is all pure brilliance, the voice acting is sublime, the faces  are as ever the best I have seen in a game(Yes better that Uncharted 3). Now let me adress the ending, which I assume you have heard about. Let me just repeat this review is totaly SPOILER FREE. The ending is a superb one there are a few problems with it but not enough to make you think it is a scam. Where the problem lies, is the number of endings available, there aren't enough, if you are only planning of playing this game once you will not know what all the fuss was about, if you play it repeatadly you will start to notice the flaws. There are certain things that no matter what you choose in any of the games, will happen. And that is kind of a bummer, but this is still a great game to play.
       Now onto the Multiplayer, this mode made a conspicious enterance to the game, and let me say now I think the game is better for it, the only kind of multiplayer is a survival mode, with 10 waves of increasing enemies, this is not a new idea, but it is possibly the best exectued survival mode I have played, the guns come in random packages, so you have no idea what you are going to get, you also get perks so to speak which auto-refil your ammo or give you certain abilitys. It is a great mode which you really should play.
      That brings me to the end of my review, now lets look at the score.
Graphics: The best I  have seen in a game.                                                                                          10/10
Sound: The best lip syncing I have seen in a game with a very immersive feeling to it.                            10/10
Multiplayer: Very good but could have had more modes.                                                                     8/10
Legnth: If you do all the missions it will take you 25-30 hours to complete, but without side missions will take 15-20.                                                                                                                                                9/10
Story: Sublime that will make you want to cry at one point or another.                                                 10/10
This gives a total of 9.4/10 the highest score I have ever given a game. Play it, play it now.
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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Run up to E3 2013: Part 1

Hi guys
 As I'm sure you are aware E3 is approaching, this I would say is the biggest gaming event of the whole year, and this year I thought I would make sure that going into E3 you would know what games you want to keep an eye on. In this first post on E3 I will be talking about Watch_Dogs, Assasssins Creed IV and Destiny, I will be covering some Xbox games as well in a future post, so be sure to check back soon.                                                                 
First up is Watch_Dogs, this game is set in the city of Chicago which is all being controlled by a computer called the ctOS which you just happen to have access to. That will mean that you will be able to hack ATM machines, stop trains, raise bollards, and I'm sure much more. We know very little at the moment about what drove Adian Pearce(The main character) to do what he did, but that is I'm sure what we will be hearing about at E3. All we know now is that there is a family involved somewhere along the road. This is a game that will be launching November 22nd 2013, for current gen and PC, it could be the same date for the PS4 release, but for now we don't know.
Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
Next on in the spot light is Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, this is a game that I am very much looking forward to. It will see our totally new Assassin Edward sailing the seven seas in search of all the best pirate loot. We haven't seen any actual in game footage of this game, but we should be seeing some at E3. I am also very certain there will be a playable demo for any of you who are going. Those of you with a keen memory will remember that last year at Sonys press conference we saw the naval battles for the first time. I doubt it will be more Naval gameplay because we have seen it before. However I wouldn't write of there being some exclusive AC gameplay at Sonys press conference.
Last up for today is Destiny, now this game we have see the least about. We saw a very short trailer at the announcement of the PS4 but since that we have seen nothing except a dev diary. I am very excited about this game, it is from the publisher of CoD and the developers of Halo, surely a recipe for success if ever there was one. This is almost certain to feature at Sony press conference this year, and I can't wait to hear more about it.
      That's it for now but I will be talking about other games in the lead up to E3, so do check back soon to read more.
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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Assassins Creed IV trailer: Under The Black Flag

Hi guys
 Yes that is right there has been another new trailer on the current and next gen game Assassins Creed IV, this trailer I have to say is much more to my fancy than the previous one; the trailer sees Edward in many ways, mostly on the sea or in battle. Both of which are a true pleasure to the eye, the whole trailer is narrated by Edward himself, which is the most we have ever heard Edward speak. I have to say one of my problems with ACIII was Connors voice, there seems to be no such problem here. I really can't wait for the release of this game in late October. So I give to you, for your enjoyment the new ACIV trailer, Under the Black Flag
What do you think of the new trailer and the game as a whole? Leave it down in the comments below.
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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Assassins Creed IV Black Flag: The Golden Age of Pirates trailer

Hi guys
Yes this is another new trailer in the world of gaming, this one though is a bit more confirmed than the PS4 trailer. This is a new trailer for Assassins Creed Black Flag, a trailer which if I do say so myself is a very very good one. It is a trailer that is nearly entirely in a monochrome or shadow effect. The first half of the scenes taking place on some old paper with ink being displaced on the paper. While the second half are a mix between art work for the game and actual game footage. Of course no actual gameplay is shown but we are introduced to some of the characters we will be meeting in our journey through piracy; Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, Charles Vane and Blackbeard.
     This game is shaping up to be one of if not the best AC to date, join me when the game is released on October 29th to play together. With out further a do here is the trailer.
I hope you like it as much as I do.
For now,

Monday, 13 May 2013

Major PS4 news: Possible leaked trailer

Hi guys
There has been a leaked trailer for the PS4, which has been called the E3 trailer, there are some really looking shots of the PS4. I would like to stress that there is no confirmation to this trailer, but here are some shots of what the PS4 could look like.

can't wait for E3 to see if this is real and if not what it will look like.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Battlefield Diary:C4 madness

Hi guys Rick here talking to you from inside the machine...
     There are days from time to time when the Computer thinks that I should look like a total dork to all my fellow soldiers. The way he does this is by making me use a very bad gun, or on this particular day C4. Now I have been through the basic explosive training and I passed with OK grades, but I am no way near good enough to be using nothing but C4 until the Computer tells us the "Score" limit has been reached. I don't know if you have ever picked up some C4, but it is pretty heavy, and I have lost quite a bit of muscle since my original training, so I'm not that strong any more. So I can't really through the C4 a very long way, I can through it about 5 feet but no further. Now that may sound a long way but when you are facing people who are armed with long range weapons, it is very inadequate. On a side note, I do know some special black ops teams who can through their C4 very long way, but anyway I can't.
     So here I was in the middle of a quite nice looking Parisian cafe, with nothing but C4 in my hand, and then someone burst in to my lovely little cafe and killed me. Right there in cold blood; well it may not have been cold blood because I had a load of C4 in my pockets, but non the less. So then I was in a half sunken boat slap bang in the middle of the Seine, so I thought it would be best if I tried to keep my body in the same shape it was in now. So of I ran and started swimming in the Seine to the nearest ladder. Unfortunately because of how cold the water was, I was very slow climbing up the ladder, and in that time some sniper in the far flung corner of the map managed to line up a shot on me. That trend continued for most of the match, until I managed to sneak up on the very same sniper in the corner who killed me! There I was, sneaking up on this very stationary person, with his scope sticking out the window(no euphemism intended). I was then right behind my very first C4 target, the sweat was congregating on my brow. My legs shaking from the adrenaline, this was it, the moment I had been waiting all day.
     That was it it was over I had my first kill with C4, the only problem of the matter was that I forgot that you had to walk away from the C4 before blowing it up, so I did kill myself, but that is a small matter. For the rest of the match I did manage to get a few kills in there but not as many as I would have liked. Then that was the end of my day, the Computer allowed me to stop using C4 much to my thanks. That was my day, I hope you have enjoyed my second diary I will be continuing this diary soon so do check back.
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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Battlefield 3 Diary

Hi guys
Just a quick fore word before this post, this is a new series I'm hoping to continue with where I write as though I am a solider in Battlefield, for the purpose of these posts my name is Rick. Without further ado here you go.
     Hi guys my name is Rick
I'm going to be talking to you today about my experiences on the 'field. I'll be talking you through my day to day routines of killing and being killed. As much as I try I tend to be more in the latter bracket than the first. That is a small problem though, and one which I'm sure will be ironed out soon.
     My day starts with a quite sudden wake up, usually in the middle of a battlefield, the Computer decides what equipment I am aloud to use, it can be good at times but other times I am landed with some weird guns.  The rest of my morning consists of being filled with lead, and attempting to get some lead into other people. Today in the afternoon, I am usually given a sniper to see what I can do with it, I can get some pretty nice shots on people, and I love it when the Computer decides I am good enough with that gun to get some new attachments for it, they start of pretty bad attachments but they do get better the more I use it. I think my eyes aren't quite what they used to be, because when ever some bullets come flying near me, my vision blurs very badly.
     My favourite thing to do is go prone near a flag and then anybody who comes near me will die pretty quickly as they rarely see me. One thing I always hate is when someone puts down some explosives near a flag and then blow it up when I'm on it. For some reason the Computer likes to watch us fight for key points on a map. I don't know what the Computer did with these maps, but some of them look in a terrible state, there are a couple of areas I have been in that even look like an earthquake has ripped straight through the middle! Although the Computer likes to see up fight, it doesn't like to see us stray to far from the action, there is always a point where you will die if you go past. The Computer does give us some warning, but if we don't turn back when he tells us to he does kill us. I don't quite know how I keep on coming back to life, some times there are other team mates who stab me with some paddles and then I fell all fine again. On other occasions though I die then suddenly I am in a totally different place. These places can be very near other team mates, but most are quite a long way from my friends. My day can go on very late, depending on what mood the Computer is in, but most of the time I am able to get some sleep before the next day starts again.
      So that is the end of my day, it starts all over again the following day, when I am woken very suddenly, and the whole process starts again. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my day, I will be talking to you more in the coming weeks about my adventures on the 'field. Until then, good bye.