Thursday, 20 December 2012

London 2012:Review

Hi guys, lets get into the review of London 2012 the game.
Right, let me just tell you off the bat, if you are looking for a game with a long story line, then go and at another review. I you are however looking for a game that makes you feel a pang of longing for the summer of sport to return then keep reading.
     With 36 playable countries and 31 events, with a couple only playable with multiplayer or co-op. This is a game that, despite the tiny "story mode", will have you coming back to beat high scores of your previous runs or you can compete against the online leaderboards available for all events. As I said earlier the "story mode" is very short taking no more that 3 hours, now that may sound very short but, let me explain. You play through 9 days of sports, each day you are given 6 sporting options to chose from and you have to pick 2 events. So you can play the mode 3 times and still play it differently, although that isn't a massive claim to fame these days. The thing you will want to play over and over again is the mode in which you can choose up to 8 events and then go through in a playlist formation.
       You can also play with other people via a split screen mode, or, as I said, with other player around the world. This is a brilliant-yet competitive-version of the game. Although this game has plently on offer the high repetitive nature of the game can get very irritating.
      So in conclusion this is a very good game with some good graphics and good modes but not masses of replay ability, so onto the score.
Graphics: Very good graphics with few problems, well rounded, the water is astounding.                       9/10
Sound: There is no lip syncing so little challenge.                                                                                    9/10
Multiplayer: Easy to mannage menues, when someone else choses the events they can be your worst.    8/10
Legnth: Tiny campaign, a wealth of extra features but they get very repetive.                                          6/10
Gameplay: All the controls are easy and well explained, the running, swimming and throwing feel good.  9/10
Which gives a grand total of 8/10, a good sports game but some thoughts for improvement for the Rio 2016 game when it comes out.
This will be my last post before Christmas so may I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year, I will return to posting and reviewing in the New Year.
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Hope you have enjoyed the post, check back soon for more posts.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Batman Arkam Asylum:Review

Hi guys as you will see from the photo above and the title this is the review for Batman:Arkam Asylum, enjoy.
This is a game like no other I have ever played before, now I'm not saying it's the best but comes damn near close. Lets start with the combat, this is combat at its simplest with square or X being strike, O or B to stun, triangle or Y to counter and X or A being jump. Note all the controls are PS3 first and X-box following. Then you through in combos in there and combat becomes the best in any game I have played. When you get into a flow you really do feel like Batman. All though this is an open-world game it isn't very big, but the whole point is that you are never to far from alot of foes(until you finish the game). This adds a real sense of atmosphere to the game, couple that with the demonic architecture and all the darkness of the island and you have a killer combo(pun intended).
      Although the island is to small for side quests the story is  fast paced and thrilling, and there are 240 riddler challenges scattered around the island. These collectables are the best in any game ever. I think it is because you unlock challenge maps because of it along with hilarious thrapy sessions with all the main villains. You can also unlock bios for every single villain I have ever heard of.
      This isn't a game for the faint hearted nor the weekend gamers, as you will want to get into the game and can lose the plot a bit if you spend some time away from it. One of the many challenges you will face in the game is, being thrown into a room full of armed guards and you are quested with taking them all out silently without detection. Now this is a doddle if you have the "Inverse takedown" and "Sonic Baterang" unlocked. So that you can send a goon under a gargoyle and then take him out. No other game makes you feel quite so awesome about your own skills as batman.
      The plot is a good one as well with you being placed on Arkam Island until such time as you have put an end to the Jokers plot. The plot that would see the whole of Gotham meeting a painful end, big surpass there then. The game has a real sense of reality to it, as though this could really be happening somewhere and the villains really exist. The designers at Rocksteady have excelled again with this game, if you don't have it I urge you to go out and get it as soon as your local shop opens.
      After that build up lets look at the score.
Gameplay: The combat is heavy and realistic, but the final camera shot can highlight some problems.      9/10
Sound: The lip syncing isn't the best but the voices are so good that doesn't matter. The voicer actor for the Joker really brings this mass murdering psychopath to life with a bang.                                                   8/10
Length: The campaign will last about 15-17 hours but with no side missions that isn't the best, but the 240 riddler trophies are so much fun to collect that you have content for many, many hours to come.            8/10
Graphics: The graphics are very good with Batman looking muscular and the villains looking demonic. 9/10
That gives a grand total of: 8.5/10
This is a brilliant game that I can not recommend enough.
Thank you for reading, you can check back soon for a review of this games sequel Batman:Arkam City, until then, goodbye.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

News:GTA V trailer launch and Mass Effect 4

Hi guys I have a big news update for you now which will cover GTA V and Mass Effect 4. Lets get straight into it.
Up first on the operation table is GTA V the second trailer is due to be out later today this will give us a new insight into the game that has got everyone talking about it. Before I continue I will just give you some of my favorite screenshots that we have got so far.
 This first photo I picked because it hints at a world full to the brim with things to do such as skydiving...
 ... or taking a nice leisurely bike while taking a break from killing all the civilians and causing general harm to you new city of Los Santos
 This screenshot just shows you how big this game is going to be. It is said to be the size of three of Rockstars biggest games in one massive map...
 ... which brings me nicely onto my next screenshot which includes a helicopter as you have probably seen this just shows how big it will be.
 These two last photos show the nice calm side of the game with a nice old game of tenis, which we can assume is a mini-game, and a dip in a pond/sea. Both showcase the idilyc side of GTA V.

I am really looking forward to the trailer later which I will do a sepeate post on it at a later time.

Right lets get onto the second topic of the day Mass Effect 4 which is going to be run on the frostbite engine wether it will be on Frostbite 2 or a later model of frostbite, Frostbite 3 perhaps. That all the new for that game but as a keen fan of ME I will keep you up to date on any developments.

As you can probably tell now this post was mainly for GTA V with only a little other info, I hope that was OK you can comment bellow if you want me to talk about anything specific.
Thats all for now folks but check back soon as this blog is regularly updated.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Gotham City Imposters

If any of you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been avidly waiting for Gotham City Imposters I will know tell you about what it is like.
OK on with the review. When you first boot up the game-after a arduous download-you will play the initiation you will immediately work out that this isn't you box standard FPS this is a game with a difference. The initiation sees you using a grapple gun, bat wings and a catapult to name but a few. You are then let louse into the full game. I first played the trial-as the full game wasn't out yet- and I thought that because it was a trial all the start of content was locked. It turns out it is locked at the beginning. You soon find out why.
      The leveling system it a very fast paced thing I have played for about 5 hours and I am all ready on level 12. Which may not seem high but for example in ACR after that time I was only on about level 5. They compensate for the fast leveling by putting 1000 levels in. If you would like to take a moment to go back and read that again we will wait for you.... You should now close you mouth. OK and continue. Every 100 levels you get a promotion-or prestiege- and all you guns atachments are reset just like in anyother FPS so that really keeps the momentum going. The game comes with 3 game modes. Yes slightly disappointing but with the promise of DLC's to come I'm sure there will be more in the future. The three modes are TDM-team death match- Fumigation which has you running around the map keeping or capturing gas blasters. There are three gas blasters, once your team has more that 2 gas blasters you team starts getting a percentage of the air space. Once your team has 100% of the air space the game ends with the death of the whole of the other team. The other game mode is a capture the flag. Which is all very well and good but once you have got it back to your base you have to wait for it to take effect for 30 seconds before the flag is reset and your team gets the point so it could do with a bit of fine tuning.
      Now we have heard the good points of the game lets look at the bad. Now before you think that you don't want this game just hold you horses. There is only one problem and that is game connection and matchmaking-so two but thats fine. They will make it so you can come into a match half way through. That will come into affect in the upcoming free DLC.
With all of those things in mind I will give this game a 9/10.
I think it will become a 10/10 when they sort those few things out which they should do soon..... I hope.
Thats all for now folks sorry about the length of this post but I had alot of stuff to say.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

New games in the rest of the year:Part 2

Hi guys, before we get started could I just thank all of you who looked at part 1 of this feature. I really appreciate the support.
     Right lets get into things.

Up first in the spotlight is Dust 514, I have the privildge of playing the beta for this game. The first thing that strikes you is the scale of what is happneing. The maps are massive about on par with some of the larger maps on BF3. No the thing that is massive in this game is the MMO side of it. If any of you have ever played runescape then you will know just how many itams are in the game. Think of the Grand Exchange in that game but fill it with alien tech and guns. One of the creaters behind the game said it would take 7 years to full max out the leveling system. This is size like we have never seen before, but can they get all of that out of the PS3 without any hicups on the way?
Now I will be taking about Need for Speed Most Wanted, I'm sure most of you have heard of the first one on the PS2, well this game is nothing to do with that game. It is the same principle with you aiming to be the most wanted, but now you are aiming to be the most wanted among you friends. Yes this is taking the EA autolog system and running with it. For me this game could be the best driving game of 2012 but they need to pull it of correctly. My main two problems with it are, what if you don't have internet? What if you don't have any PSN/Xbox Live friends? Or if you do but non of them have got the game? Will it just through you in with aload of strangers who could be some of the best in the world? I know not the answers to these questions, but it really could be the sleeper driving game of 2012.

As you may know I loved the multiplayer of Battlefield 3 and this game looks to be very similar the obvious contection is the Frostbite 2 engine. I have seen abit of the beta footage that recently took place for all Xbox Live users and it looked to be somewhere between BF and COD so this could be an interesting game to look out for. Obviously it won't re-define the genre like COD 4 did but it might be an interesting game to play come the release.
Last but not least Little Big Planet Karting, what sort of feature of big games without an entry from sackboy. This game looks to be the sort of game that not many people will play but will be one of the brilliant karters on PS3. As anyone who has played LBP or LBP2 will know that the customisation is the biggest point of the game, this feature looks not to have been lost here. You can make your own tracks,carts and much more that has yet to be announced. I personly loved Mario Kart and this game looks to have the brilliant functions of a karter. Deffinitly one to watch.
Right that about sums up the final part of this feature on games coming out before christmas.
I hope have liked the feature if you are looking to get any of the games I would love to hear about it in the comments section. You can also follow me/message me on twitter at
For now but never the end.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

New games in the rest of the year:Part 1

Hello every single one of my dear readers
Now, in this post I will be giving the run down on all the hot games coming out before santa arrives with his sack full of games.

   First on my agenda is Playstation all stars battle royale as you may have guessed from the big pic above. I have got to say, I was looking forward to this game until earlier today I downloaded the beta and was very underwhelmed. You can expect a full in-depth review of the beta in the coming days, but for now I can say that it looks to have very little appeal to me, it also looks to lack re-playability. But anyway I will play some more and tell you on this very blog shortly.
Up next in the spotlight is Assassins Creed 3 or as I like to put III. This game looks to be my personal GOTY that is for games that came out this year. Recently the multiplayer trailer came out, I couldn't have been more excited if I tried. The multiplayer really seems to have developed since Revelations with the added game modes Wolf Pack and Domination. Both of these look to really improve the game mode. Another thing the trailer said was the use of perks, now you can equip one of 10 perks that will last the entire length of the match. Both of these things look to take AC to the next level.

Next on my agenda in Call Of Duty:Black Ops II, the story of this looks to be taking COD in a whole new direction, and with the return of the hit game mode Nazi Zombies this game looks to be a really good contribution to the series.
Now ending part 1 of this feature Hitman Absolution. This game in the next game in the hit series Hitman and looks to be sticking to its roots at the same time as looking to introduce new players to the game. The contracts mode also looks to be a real addition to the game with players completing a mission and then uploading the criteria to a online server where other players can try and complete that mission for example: in a chicken suit only killing the main target and then hiding the body in a cupboard. I'm sure you can see how this will really extend the game. That coupled with the 9-10 different ways in which to complete each mission this game could be a real contender on the charts this Christmas.
That sums up this part of "New games in the rest of the year" part 2 will be uploaded shortly.
Hope you like, and feel free to comment with you opinions on the games covered.

News:The new Playstation store

Hi guys
I will be giving you the story behind the new PS store and when it will be coming to your country.
UPDATE: Right guys the new PS store is live in all EU countrys. So go look at it and comment with your views on it. I should be doing a review of it soon.

Right on with the news. About a month ago Sony announced that there would be a make over for the PS store. They also said that it would be released on the 17th of October 2012. So there we are waiting with baited breath for the new PS store, only to find out that it has been pushed back"until further notice" for countries such as the UK or France. This was due to the fact that the when they did release it in the UK there where widespread reports of very slow operating times and the inability to add funds to you "wallet". Due to this they took the store down in the places with the problems and would put them back up when the problems were fixed. I would just like to say now that the store is up in most places at the moment. While I am writing this very pieces PS Europe announced on Twitter that the new store was available in France. The store is available in North America and many other places but it is yet to extend its grasp into the UK.
      For me the problem isn't that we don't have it yet in the UK but more the fact that this happened in the first place. I'm sure from Sonys point of view they would have liked a smooth re-vamp especially in the UK where they recently sold their 5 millionth PS3. It does really beg the question, in a company as big as Sony or Playstation how couldn't they have foreseen an event like this? I mean they know how many people use the store on a daily basis, so why couldn't they just test that the store would work.
Well I think that is all for now, I will update this post when the UK store goes live

Friday, 19 October 2012

Battlefield 3:Multiplayer Review

Hi guys
I know that I haven't done a review for the full game yet but I thought seen as I'm playing the multiplayer way way way more that the single/co-op campaign I would just give you stuff as I did it.
       Right firstly for the few bad things in the game. Firstly if you haven't played a BF game before-like me- then it is a very steep learning curve. It takes quite a while to get used to the team based side of it, but when you start to get it-I am about there now- the game really takes form, that form being a very good one. One of my other quibbles with it is, as you may know there are 4 classes with the game, assault, engineer, support and recon. If you unlock a gun set for the support class, take the Scar-H, then you can't use the Scar-H with the assault class. I think this is quite a stupid aspect of the game and hope it is changed for BF4. When you first join the MP for each class you get 2 guns, but each gun can only be used for a specific team. IE one of the start of guns for the support class is the M27-IAR, I personally really like this gun, but I can only use it when I am playing for the American team. There is a totally different gun for when you play as the Russian team. Don't get me wrong when you unlock your fist proper gun with that class you can use it when playing on both teams but the start can be a bit tricky.
     My last problem is the sound, the sound cuts out all the time, I don't know if it related to which server you are on or just one of those things, but it is very annoying when all you can hear is your own foot steps, not the jet going over head or even you own gun.
     But enough with the problems and lets get onto the good things with the game. The guns feel very solid in your hand, and when the sound does decide to work it is a spectacle to behold. What I would say is the best bit in the whole of the game is the destruction, the whole world can just change around you. No more can you hunker down behind a wall as said wall has just disappeared due to the rocket launcher sent from across the room. The destruction is just the right amount as well, guns will make shrapnel fly and make dents in the material,but in that situation I just described the enemy can't just open fire on the wall and watch it crumble away. On the whole the multiplayer is the best I have ever played and would thoroughly advise picking up the game at your earliest convenience.
Onto the score:
Length: As long as you want to spend on it.                                                                                         10/10
Multiplayer: Really good.                                                                                                                      8/10
Sound: Poor and will conk out at times.                                                                                                 5/10
Gameplay: Solid guns and brilliantly designed maps.                                                                            10/10
Graphics: Flawless with brilliant distraction.                                                                                         10/10
Giving us a grand total of 9/10. Don't forget this is just for the multiplayer side of the game. You can expect my review of the full game inc the multiplayer shortly.
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News-Skyrim DLC

Hi guys and as you may have guessed for the big Skyrim pic above this in some Skyrim news
Right onto the news. As most of you will know all PS3 players have been hard done to with all the lag and then no DLC well this is rumored to to about to change.
       The next Skyrim DLC looks to be called DragonBorn and might be coming to PS3 users 30 days earlier that Xbox or PC users. Also in this DLC there looks to be some new armor called "Nordic" armor.
All of this is exciting news Skyrim fans of PS3. Bethesda have also seemed to have brought another brilliant game out going by the name of Dishonored.
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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cubixx HD review

Hi guys
As I promised I will review Cubixx HD so here it is.
I personally never played cubixx the original but now I have bought cubixx HD from PSN and I am really enjoying it there are times when you think of for goodness sake why is it soooooo hard but it really is a good game. You get a lot of content for you money as well. You get the main 50 levels split up into 10 stages and after that you have line attack point attack death attack-sense a theme- and doing levels against the clock. As I said the 50 levels are split into 10 stages each stage-and in fact level-gets harder and harder. At the start of a stage you have 4 lives until you die. You can get more liver by picking up stuff and getting a certain amount of points. It can get really frustrating at times. I am only on stage...... 2 I know my skill is cringe worthy. I did get really close to stage 3 and then... Well died. It isn't a game to play for long periods of time but I think it is definitely worth getting. It is on a deal ATM for £5 which is a pain as I paid £6.50. The way you have to download it is storage first you have to get the trial for free and the "upgrade" it.
All the bad things aside I will give this game a total of 7.5/10
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Sorry this post has taken so long to get out, after I said on twitter a post would be coming soon!!

Battlefield 3:Preview to the Review/ACR update

Hi guys
Just wanted to keep you all upto date as to why I haven't posted in a while. As you may have guessed from the title I have recently got Battlefield 3 so am therefore playing it alot, but fear not I will be continuing on my Road To Platinum on Assassins Creed Revelations. So I will be playing ACR one day and then playing Battlefield 3 the next day. You can expect a review of Battlefield 3 shortly.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Assassins Creed Revelations:Race to Platinum

Hi guys
I come to you today with some grave news.
     My copy of Assassins Creed Revelaions has broken, I still have access to the single player world but every time I go into multiplayer it always freezes. As you may know if you know the trophies one of them is a silver trophy awarded when you get to level 20 on multiplayer, unfortunately as it stands I am only on level 18. To get the prestigious platinum trophy you first need to get all the other trophy in the game, and as I won't be able to get to level 20 on the multiplayer I won't be able to get all the trophies. I will try very hard to get the multiplayer back but I have already tried deleting the game data and re-installing it, with no success. In the future I may try and platinum either Skyrim or Assassins creed III when it comes out. I will do another post in the not to distant future telling you my ultimate fate. I hope you have enjoyed our short but sweet journey on my road to platinum. I will continue to post reviews and if you have any thoughts on other series I could do then leave a comment and I will take it into consideration.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Assassins Creed Revelations:Race to Platinum

Hi guys
Keeping you up to date with my race to the platinum trophy.
I have got another 4 trophy including the trophy for getting a perfect den defense without using the cannon. I am really pleased to say that I have now got that trophy in my personal collection. If you have read my Assassins Creed Revelations review you will remember that I said that the tower defense isn't very good but I now quite like it, due to the fact that I am unlocking more and more equipment to use.
Right thats all for now guys if any of you want to comment it would really appreciate it.

News-Uplay and MGSR

Hi guys
Just here to keep you up to date with the news cogs in the gaming world.
    Up first on the dissection table is the very "hot of the press" news in the form of Uplay possibly being host to third-party games to compete with the likes of Origin and Steam this could really revolutionize the way we get digital games specifically on the PS3 and Xbox as they only have PSN and Xbox Live  respectively. This hasn't been confirmed yet so check back soon for another update.

Up next some new Metal Gear Solid Revengence will not repeat no be coming to our counter parts in Japan on the Xbox 360 this is quite shocking as there looked to be no problems with the Japanese version. It does beg the question will it make it to any form of Xbox 360?
Thats all for now folks come back soon for more reviews and hot news.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Assassins Creed Revelations:Race to Platinum

Hi guys
Just here to keep you up to date on how the race to platinum is going. Today I got 4 trophys which were some of the easyer trophys. Something I do want to tell you about is if you want some good armor without having to spend any money the do the Hagia Sophia challenge and at the end you get some Turkish armor which gives you alot more health that you start with. That was one of the trophys that I got today: the silver trophy for completing the Hagia Sophia. I will keep you up to date with any major things that happen in my race to platinum. Bye for now!!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Assassins Creed Revelations:Race to Platinum

Hi guys
In this post I will be outlining my plans for a new posting series I will be doing for the next couple of months. I have already done the full campaign but now I will be chasing down the Platinum trophy for the game. Let me just fill you in on what I have already achieved: I have finished the campaign, found 34 data fragments, found 3 pages and got a handful of trophies. Let me also tell you what I did today: found 8 data fragments and found 5 pages. Like I said I will be doing this in the lead up to Assassins Creed III coming out. I will be getting the game around mid November so for the purpose of having a ticking clock lets work on the 10th of November, that gives me 63 days in which to do this challenge. That should be plenty enough time in which to complete it. Until I have finished this achievement I will be blogging about it every other day or so. I won't be doing in every day as there won't be enough to say about what I have done. I hope you enjoy this road to platinum with me.
63 Days and counting.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

News-PES13 and Killzone

Hi guys
By the close of this very year of 2012 the will be a game out that you may have heard of called Killzone this game is an HD collection which will include Killzone 1,2 and 3 this is sure to be a good game that will be value for money as it comes will the full three games including the multiplayer that we all know and love.

Next on to PES 13 today it has been announced that PES will be being released onto the market a whole week before FIFA does the same. This may sound like a very small time but I think it will make all the difference. PES has never been as good as FIFA but I think this year will see a turn in the tide of the sporting world. That is were that one week comes into its own, with people taking about the fact that this new PES is better that FIFA 12 that will lead to more sales of PES and it could go very viral in that one week alone. I think it is very good sales pitching on PES's part.
Be sure to check back soon for more news and reviews.
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News-Call of Juarez Gunslinger

Hi guys
Just here to keep you up to date with some gaming news. Call of Juarez gunslinger has been announced today. Now I would just like to take a minute to think why anyone would want to play another Call of Juarez again? The last one was and is one of the worst games out there with bill boards showing the same advert hundreds of times, and there only being 3 shops in the whole of the game! It doesn't really make sense to me to make another game that succeeds a game that was that bad! it is unfortunate that a game is that bad.
This game is quite clearly trying to copy Red Dead Redemption, which it doesn't and won't do.

Speaking of RDR that is the free game of the month with PS+. I have had my subscription for 6 months now and I am loving all of the game that are coming with it.
Thats all for now.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

News-Metal Gear Solid 5 Playable Demo

Hi guys
Very short post here to tell you that there will be a playable demo of the newly announced Metal Gear Solid 5 at PAX tomorrow. I won't be there so I can't tell you what it is like. I am quite surprised that they announce a game at an event and then within a couple of days you can play it. Which makes you think that they have had the game under the wraps for a long time and have just been waiting for the right time to announce it.
Personally I think they should have given the game more time to build a reputation before giving a demo to play.

News-Dawnguard won't be coming to PS3

Hi guys
Just here to give you an update on the press release from Bethesda that said that "We have tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone". This is just an extract from the press release but it tell us enough to know that if you are on PS3 you won't be getting Dawnguard in the near future. They do go on to say that "The PS3 is a powerful system, and we're working hard to deliver the content you guys want" which mean that we may be getting it at some point but not soon.
As you all know I love Skyrim so I am hoping that this expansion will be making its way onto PS3.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hello my dear audience
On this very fine day I will talk to you about my personal best game of all time.
Quite a build up but lets really look at the game..... NOW
Of the mark you are plonked(yes a real word) in a cart with some other unfortunate thieves and the like on your way to your exaction. The graphics are good until you get really close and the look a bit 2D also the lighting is the best I have seen. Then that all melts away into the background when you are truly released into Skyrim(after about 3/4 of an hour). That is when you really appreciate that no other game will quite give you the same feeling of utter space.... Then some wolves attack and you are sucked into one of many impromptu battles in the middle of nowhere of even in the middle of one of the games many cities. One other thing you will realise is that Skyrim is MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE. You would be lucky to complete the whole map. The actual campaign is about 30-35 hours. Not bad for a blockbuster game these days. The leveling is so immense you are almost overpowered by it. Almost. Now to address my main 2 problems with the game.1) The lip syncing is horrendous. I mean really bad also Bethesda have used about 50 voices in the WHOLE game. Now that may seem like alot but it really isn't after about 20 mins in the wild you will come across the same voice as in the town you just visited. Those 2 thing I think of as 1 as the are both involving the mouth, but they just take away the realism of  a game that is VERY realistic. My second big problem is the lag. As far as I am aware all the lag has gone, but that is only for people who have PSN, Xbox live or connection to steam. For the people without they have just bought a game that is broken.
For those reasons,bad and good, I have to score this game...
9/10 for the offline experience.
There is no online content.
I hope you have found my review informative, I will shortly be reviewing Mass Effect 2 so stay tuned.
Thank you for reading.
Ed out.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Quantum Conundrum

Hi guys and welcome to my blog
In this post I will be talking to you about the game Quantum Conundrum. Lets start with the premise of the whole game. You are a young boy who has been sent to your grandfathers house to stay for a while. When you get there you are not greeted with your grandfather but instead with deathly silence. Then your grandfather talks into the intercom saying that the house has shut down and that you will have to go through the house and turn the power generators back on. You may have heard that the game is made by Kim Swift the main woman behind Portal. This game will be living in the shadow of the great Portal games which is a shame because it is hard to live up to such a good game. One of the draws of Portal 2 was the brilliant communication between the cast that is very lacking in Quantum. The grandfather will tell you some stuff over the intercom which is usually annoying. The gameplay is good with some puzzles taking some time to work out. The puzzles made even worse when it is you being stupid that is holding you back. Right onto the score:
Gameplay:The gameplay is good but not ground breaking, some nice puzzles in there also.                     7/10
Sound: It is first person so no lip syncing, other general sounds don't really add to the atmosphere.         7/10
Length: I will take you about 10 hours to complete which isn't bad for a PSN game.                              8/10
Graphics: A nice slightly cartoon style to the game, no glitches experienced.                                           9/10
So that gives us a total of 7/10, a good game but with some draw backs.
Thats if for now, check back soon for a review of Retro/Grade and Just Cause 2.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gran Turismo 5

Onto the game in hand now if you very cleverly guessed Gran Tursimo 5 you are..... Right. I am just so funny. Moving swiftly on this game is just amazing you really feel like you are not only driving the car but also just watching proper racing on the TV. That is the other thing the graphics are the best I have ever seen in a game. One of the biggest things in a game for me as I have said before is the lighting and shadows. In this game both of those things are just breath taking. In GT4 to be honest it was crap to unlock all the races you first had to to the licenses which are just impossible to do.(For me anyway). Where as in GT5 you can do the licenses but you don't have to. Also another what I think is a new feature but don't kill me if it isn't is the B-spec which I know made an appearance in GT4 but not quite in the same way this time you literally control the car from the mic.
I know this post has been short but it is just an amazing game for so many reasons. Just buy it now.
Graphics: The best cars I have ever seen, just brilliant.                                                                       10/10
Sound: The cars sound immensely realistic, which really fuels the feel of the game.                              10/10
Multiplayer: Lots to do but it is a bit much to take in and generally lacks a smooth finish.                     6.5/10
Length: All bar endless with a massive offline leveling system and loads of tracks and cars to use         10/10                                                                                                                                                         
Gameplay: The cars handle realistically and just feel like you are driving a car, the menus are also nice.10/10
So that makes the grand total 9/10 with-as you can see- only the multiplayer letting it down.
Please feel free to comment it will definitely help me that I know people are reading but that is up to you.
Again I want to wish you a year filled with happiness and joy.

Assassins Creed Revelations: Multiplayer Review

If you haven't seen my review ofA ssassins Creed Revelations you will want to before reading the multiplayer review. Well now I will do a review of the better side of Revelations the multiplayer.
For anyone who played multiplayer on brotherhood will know that it worked well but it wasn't perfect. For starters there weren't enough game modes, and the leveling up felt like a task instead of the byproduct of playing well or just a lot. In revelations there are plenty more game modes for you to choose from all of which I enjoy playing unlike brotherhood. Also leveling up  is not only quicker but also funnier with something half decent at every level the best stuff is at the like of lv 10 and lv 20 and the like. Characters can be customized when you unlock them at the respective levels. Also my prays have been answered the best thing about Revelations multiplayer is the speed at which you can connect to a game. In brotherhood it was a long and painful affair but now it is much better it seems to prioritize which games you should go in, and gets you in there. It no longer feels like the computer is battling with all other computers to get a few spots while new games could be created or they could add you to another list.
Over all the multiplayer is a very good side of the game.
Multiplayer 9/10
You can comment as to what you want to read about next. Comments would also really encourage me to do more posts.

Assassins Creed Revelations: Review

When I got this game I  was so excited, this was the next game continues from my personal best game of all time AC Brotherhood left off. I thought nothing could go wrong, then the story started and well its bad. In Brotherhood every action had a general meaning in the game, everything you did was a strike against the Borgia. In Revelations there is no such feeling. you need to get all 5 Masyaf keys to get into Altiar's library that you find at the beginning. You have a coded map as to the locations of the keys and the WHOLE  game is about painstakingly decoding the map and getting the keys. In the interim you help out the local assassins in missions that could be done by well me. I'm not saying the levels are easy but they are just pointless.
     The two big changes in the game-other that the location- are the bombs and the hook blade. The bombs I didn't unlock until the end of the third hour. Very annoying as the game only took me 22 hours to complete. The other main change was the hook blade and there for the zip lines. I will admit that the zip lines are fun, but they are to infrequent when you are going about on the roof from one destination to another you would come across a short one every 200 to 300-I don't know what they are but they are in the bottom corner, I call them clicks. Also my biggest problem with the game is that there are no horses in the city so there are many times when you have to go 1000 clicks and there is no way of getting on a horse and charging across the city. you can use the fast travel stations but they are a bit few and far between for my money. If you do use a fast travel station you then lose the feel of charging around the city on horse back knocking people over indiscriminately. My final view is that they should have ended it on the high that was Brotherhood and brought a book out or something like that as to why they weren't returning to Ezio.
Graphics: Very good graphics, but could be better                                                                                9/10
Sound: Not bad but quite poor lip syncing                                                                                            7/10
Legnth: About 20-25 hours, not bad in this day and age, but an poor story                                            7/10
Multiplayer: A good multiplayer with the introduction of prestige                                                            9/10
Gameplay: Some good mechanics but slightly let down at times.                                                             8/10
So in total that is 8/10 hope you like it.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Uncharted 3:Drakes Deception Review

In this post I will be looking into one of the biggest games on PS3 and-dare I say it- ever, Uncharted 3.
Now to start with lets talk about the bad things in the game, the length of the campaign. Yes I am willing to step outside the box and say that this game is not perfect. The story will take you under 10 hours, now I know this game isn't the only one with a short campaign, but it really does spoil what little there is, due to the fact that you are constantly thinking that this might be the last big gun battle of the game. The story is a compelling one with a constant sense of thrill that very few other games can say they have. The shooting is very nice to use and very accessible to anyone that just comes in and picks it up. This was actually my first Uncharted and I will take away fond memories. Another thing that gets very annoying is the heavily armored enemies that come into the story at various stages they are very hard to kill and are easiest to kill with the use of grandees, that is all very well and good but the grandees are in a short supply. This slows the pace of the game through out. Now onto the crowning glory, the multiplayer, I can honestly say that is is the best multiplayer I have ever had the pleasure to play. The game comes with an amazing 20+ maps, and many fun game modes. The best mode for me is the Survival mode. This is an absolutely brilliant mode that I have and will lose many fun filled hours. There is also a game mode called "The Fun Lab" this mode has ever changing challenges to fill out, at the moment it is a side arm and riot shield only game mode.
Now onto the score:
Gameplay: Very good gameplay with next to no faults.                                                                          8/10
Sound: Amazing lip syncing with some brilliant one liners from the main characters.                               10/10
Graphics: I would say the graphics are unrivaled on the PS3 at this time.                                              10/10
Length: A short campaign leaving you wanting more, but many hours to fill in multiplayer/survival mode. 5/10
Multiplayer: A brilliant multiplayer that I now want in every game.                                                        10/10
That gives a total score of 8.6/10 a brilliant game but will leave you feeling like you have been a bit ripped off.
Thats all for now folks hope you like the post. I will be doing a review for Mass Effect 2 soon so you can watch out for that.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Little Big Planet

Right for anyone with a PS3 or anyone who is thinking of getting one you will know that one of the main games that is exclusive to PS3 is little big planet and in this post I will tell you about just how good it is.
It is a brilliant game that is a totally of the wall game with you in control of a little avatar made of hessian-good for the environment-that you can literally control everything about it you can change his-or her-facial expressions move his-or her right from now on if I say him or his insert her were applicable-arms. The levels are also very well designed so you really get into the feel for it. Unfortunately I am currently stuck on a level which I have tried several times to do but can't crack it. Speaking of stuck on levels I have officially finished Portal 2 dispute what I said in a previous post. I would definitely recommend this game especially for anyone who is on PSN because there are about 5 million man maid levels online. So overall a veery good game.
Onto the score.
Sound: The protagonist never talks so there is minimal lip syncing, other that that average sound effects. 7/10
Visuals:It's a 2D game so graphics are easy and they are satisfactory.                                                 8.5/10
Gameplay:Gameplay is good, typical for a 2D game, some hard jumping sections but mainly very good 9/10
Legnth:The story takes between 15 and 20 hours but then you have custom built levels so, basicly endless.                     10/10
Multiplayer: Like I said you can play other peoples levels, a very good multiplayer.                              10/10
So in total that is 9/10 a very good game with some minor flaws.
Thats all from you're loving blogger for now

Portal 2

I am going to be talking about Portal 2 in this.

Right to start with is a very good game that anyone with a brain should have. Before you play the game though I do warn you that you may want to lock up any sharp knives as it can get a bit frustrating. I do warn you that there are some quite funny bits in the game, such as Stephen Merchant whom is just brilliant and GLaDOS who is very rune but still quite funny. The whole concept is a new one-in the recent past-with a gun that can shoot a hole in the wall and then go out at a new place in the level. Anyone who has played the game will back me up in the fact that it is a very good game at some point in the game you will have to just walk away and come back probably after some wine!!!
     Seriously though anyone who has got a bit fed up with all of the games that pander to the thickest of thick people. This is a game that makes you think about where the game is going. I do advise to anyone who can say they own the game DO NOT save the game while falling in to the abyss that is the bottom of the level as when you get to the bottom and die it takes you back to, you guessed it , falling down. I haven't gone back to it in several weeks but I am gearing up to going back to it. I will tell you how that goes probably not well but we will address that when we get to it.
Right I think that about sums Portal 2 very good but with some down sides

Sound:A good cast with some halarious lines. No voice acting.                                                            9/10
Visuals:No faults with the graphics but they can be a bit bland at times.                                                7/10
Gameplay:Good FP mechanics with some solid ideas behind it. Also some brilliant challenges.             10/10
Legnth:The campaign will take you about 20-25 hours depending on how you find the challenges.        9/10
Multiplayer:There is no multiplayer just online co-op which is flawed but not horendous.                       5/10
So the grand total is 8/10 a good game that can be a little to difficult in places. Don't expect to finish it with no anger.
I hope you like my blog and the review.

Hello and wecome

Hi and welcome to my blog.
This is a redesign of my old blog, that old blog will no longer be used but will have all old posts on it.
On this blog I will be reviewing games, if you want me to review a specific game you can leave a comment and I will do the best I can. The next umpteen posts will be transferring all old post from my other blog to this one.
One of the reasons for the change is the new scoring system. If you read my old blog you will know that I just gave the game a single score at the end of the post. Now I will be going into more depth, it will look like the following:
Graphics: They are good graphics but not the best.                                                                              7/10
Length: A game that will take you between 10 and 15 hours, not long enough.                                      6/10
Sound: Good lip syncing but the music is very irritating.                                                                          8/10
Gameplay: The feel of the game is good but could be improved.                                                            8/10
Multiplayer: The multiplayer is very good but the match making lets it down.                                          9/10
This is not a real game and I will be clearer when there is an actual game to be reviewed.
I hope you like the blog and feel the need to return.
You can find me on twitter: @TheGamesCritic
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