Friday, 7 March 2014

inFamous Secons Sons run down!

Super Powers, Choice, Smoke
Hi guys, 
 Just a quick note before I get into the main post, from now on most of my posts will be starting with 3 words the I feel represent the game the best from what I am played/seen of it!
 Ever since  I saw the credits role over my journey through inFamous 2 I have been on tender hooks waiting for any word of the next game. So when Second Sons was announced last year Sucker Punch had my undivided attention. Fast forward and after numerous trailers and tibits of information I am very excited that the release of this game is only 2 weeks away! If you aren't totally aware of the premise of Second Sons then let me fill you in, you will play as Delsin who is a Conduit(in other words someone with supernatural powers) and who lives in a society of people who don't like conduits(or as they call them Bio Terrorists). You will enact your adventure within the confines of a beautifully recreated Seattle. That is one of the things I am really excited about in Second Sons, the level of detail that Sucker Punch appear to have put into portraying a realistic recreation of Seattle.
     During the time we will spend with Deslin we will be trying to rid the city of the apparent plague of the DOP, the people who want to cleanse all Bio Terrorists from Seattle. In the time we will be traversing E-Seattle we will be coming in contact other Conduits that also want freedom within their own city, so far we only know of  is a woman who has alluring name of Fetch! Fetch has remained quite elusive to us so far and all we know is that she has control over neon, being able to shoot neon balls out of her hand. We also know that Deslin and Fetch collide at quite some speed and then Delsin is able to drain neon from any near by sources, this raises the tantalising question of what other powers will we be able to commandeer from other conduits? It has been confirmed that there will be multiple powers Delsin will be able to control, but Sucker Punch have kept their lips very tightly sealed about what they could be! If would be quite nice if we will be able to utilise the power of electricity like Cole could in inFamous 2!

That brings me to the end of my run down of inFamous Second Sons, the only last piece of information I can dangle in front of you is the release date on March 21st! Only 2 weeks to the day from when this post first went live!
Thanks for reading and stop reading and start playing!