Thursday, 17 July 2014

Battlefield 4 Tips and Tricks

Hi guys,
 If you follow me on Twitter you will know just how big a fan of Battlefield 4 I am, and today I thought I would impart some of my wisdom to you. Well I hope it is wisdom or this whole post is a bit worthless but for now we will strive on under the assumption that is is wisdom and not the ramblings of a mad man! One last quick note, all of my tips today will be centered around how to do them on the PS4 controller, so I apologise if your are on any other platform!

      1) Spotting: This is probably the nost important tip I will give you today, as you will know shooting has been moved to R2 on the DS4(Dualshock 4) and spotting is now bound to R1, this is actually really handy because I have now got into the habbit of constatnly spotting and then quickly moving my finger back to R2 to shoot. I can't tell you the number of times it has saved my skin/shown me someone to shoot who I couldn't normally see, so get into the habbit of doing it constantly!

     2) Big Map: You may not know this but even on console you can bring up the whole of the map, rather than relying on just the little one in the bottom corner. To do this you simply hold the options button(to bring up the scoreboard) then press R1 which will move it to the map, once you release options obviously it will take the map from the screen. However when ever you bring up the scoreboard again the map will instead be there, to switch back to the scoreboard press L1! I usually check the big map every time I spawn in so I can see whrere I need to go! Alternatlivly you could just check the spawn map and spawn where you think you are needed.

     3) Sniper Lense Glint: If ever you see a little glint in the corner of your eye, like someone on the map is shining a torch right at you this isn't a bug, it is acutually the sun reflecting of the scope of a sniper! This is also usefull to watch out for if every you are trying to counter snipe!

     4) Tank Weak Spots: Want to get the upper hand in a tank-on-tank battle? Well the sides of a tank will give you the lowes damage(so turn your side towards the enemy tank), but most importantly the rear of the tank will give you the largest damage! Bear these 2 tips in mind during a tank battle and you will more than likley win!

     5) Talk to Your Team: If-like me- you don't particularly like turning your mike on to directly speak to your team mates, then you can hold L1 which will bring up this wheel of options:

      You can then select one of them(by hovering over one of them and releasing L1) and then it will pop up in the top left of the screen for your whole team to read. Also any team mates nearby will be able to hear your plea for help of your command!

     6) Squads: The first thing I do every time I join a server is press triangle to survey all of the squads, you want to pick the squad with the most number of people already in it(ovbisously not 5!) and join it, this can actually be really vital because with a large squad you are less likely to all die and lose your precious squad points. It will also give you a larger pool of players to choose to spawn on! Though be warned sometimes there will be a squad of less than 4 and it won't give you the option to join it, there is nothing you can do so just choose another squad.

     7) Phantom Assignmests: Right this is my last tip for the day and it revolves around the ellusive Phantom Prospect and Treinee assignments. You have to be a Premium member to be able to start working towards the assingment. First though you must enter the correct passwords for each assingment, what you have to do is go the the leaderboards table and scroll down, then in the bottom left you will see a little mask behind another mask. If you click on this it will bring up a large page of code, don't worry this is what it is supposed to do, once it has verified you are a premium member it will ask you to put a password in, the first password you want to put in is, bumpinthenight, just like that with no spaces. That will give you access to the Phantom Prospect assignment. Then you will be asked to input a second password which is, epic dream worlds, this time with all of the spaces, this will give you access to the phantom treinee assignment. Good luck completing them!

That brings me to the end of my tips and trick for BF4, I hope you found this usefull in some way, if you did be sure to tell your friends about them!
Thanks for reading