Thursday, 29 May 2014

Battlefield Hardline

Hi guys,
 Unless you have had your head stuck in the sand the last couple of days, you will know that a lot of Battlefiled Hardline details have been leaked. If you didn't know Battlefield Hardline is the next instalment in the Battlefield franchise, and will be coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC later this year. The game is based around the principle of cops v robbers, but I assure you, this game will take that theory further than any other game has done before! The game is being made by Visceral, a developer owned by EA, and this game will mark the first in the franchise not to be made by DICE. There are rumours circulating at the moment that only the single player is being made by Visceral whilst the multiplayer is being made by DICE, this is unconfirmed and personally I  find it hard to belive, especially as DICE should still be hard at work on BF4s DLC and working of the CTE(Community Test Environment). There has been a 7 minute trailer that has been leaked which was supposed to be shown at E3(and still will) at EA's conference, EA are doing their best to keep the leak at bay, but all you have to do is search Battlefield Hardline Gameplay in You Tube and you should find it pretty quickly.
     Some of the things mentioned in the trailer are: Stun guns, batons, grappling guns, various new game modes and more!
You really should go and check it out, in one of the briefer scenes we get a look at some of the guns that are in the current build of the game and they are: Famas, AEK, M416, CZ-805, SAR-21, AUG-A3 and the QBZ-95-1, they are some of the guns listed, but the images for the weapons aren't where they should be. So we have the MP7 and the P90 is pictures, these are all popular guns in BF4 so it wasn't a long shot to say they would be in Hardline, but it is nice to get confirmation! Stats in the game will be shown on a wheel, where the more the bar is filled the higher that stat. We can see stats for fire rate, accuracy and damage, each of which has green and red bars for if it is affected by an attachment! It is unclear what attachment is causing this but something is increasing the fire rate dramatically, could we see the introduction of a rapid fire attachment?
     The trailer also says that we will be seeing an episodic style campaign, you will still get all of the episodes on the disk, but the story will be broken down into episode style segments, complete with cliff hangers and anything else you might expect from a hit detective programme!
     I am very excited for Hardline, not least because it is very different from BF4, so you won't have 2 games that are clashing for the same style of game! I am really looking forward to officially seeing this trailer at E3 in a couple of weeks, and I hope there will be more coverage of the game during E3!
  That's all for now, thank you all for reading
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