Thursday, 23 August 2012

Quantum Conundrum

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In this post I will be talking to you about the game Quantum Conundrum. Lets start with the premise of the whole game. You are a young boy who has been sent to your grandfathers house to stay for a while. When you get there you are not greeted with your grandfather but instead with deathly silence. Then your grandfather talks into the intercom saying that the house has shut down and that you will have to go through the house and turn the power generators back on. You may have heard that the game is made by Kim Swift the main woman behind Portal. This game will be living in the shadow of the great Portal games which is a shame because it is hard to live up to such a good game. One of the draws of Portal 2 was the brilliant communication between the cast that is very lacking in Quantum. The grandfather will tell you some stuff over the intercom which is usually annoying. The gameplay is good with some puzzles taking some time to work out. The puzzles made even worse when it is you being stupid that is holding you back. Right onto the score:
Gameplay:The gameplay is good but not ground breaking, some nice puzzles in there also.                     7/10
Sound: It is first person so no lip syncing, other general sounds don't really add to the atmosphere.         7/10
Length: I will take you about 10 hours to complete which isn't bad for a PSN game.                              8/10
Graphics: A nice slightly cartoon style to the game, no glitches experienced.                                           9/10
So that gives us a total of 7/10, a good game but with some draw backs.
Thats if for now, check back soon for a review of Retro/Grade and Just Cause 2.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Gran Turismo 5

Onto the game in hand now if you very cleverly guessed Gran Tursimo 5 you are..... Right. I am just so funny. Moving swiftly on this game is just amazing you really feel like you are not only driving the car but also just watching proper racing on the TV. That is the other thing the graphics are the best I have ever seen in a game. One of the biggest things in a game for me as I have said before is the lighting and shadows. In this game both of those things are just breath taking. In GT4 to be honest it was crap to unlock all the races you first had to to the licenses which are just impossible to do.(For me anyway). Where as in GT5 you can do the licenses but you don't have to. Also another what I think is a new feature but don't kill me if it isn't is the B-spec which I know made an appearance in GT4 but not quite in the same way this time you literally control the car from the mic.
I know this post has been short but it is just an amazing game for so many reasons. Just buy it now.
Graphics: The best cars I have ever seen, just brilliant.                                                                       10/10
Sound: The cars sound immensely realistic, which really fuels the feel of the game.                              10/10
Multiplayer: Lots to do but it is a bit much to take in and generally lacks a smooth finish.                     6.5/10
Length: All bar endless with a massive offline leveling system and loads of tracks and cars to use         10/10                                                                                                                                                         
Gameplay: The cars handle realistically and just feel like you are driving a car, the menus are also nice.10/10
So that makes the grand total 9/10 with-as you can see- only the multiplayer letting it down.
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Again I want to wish you a year filled with happiness and joy.

Assassins Creed Revelations: Multiplayer Review

If you haven't seen my review ofA ssassins Creed Revelations you will want to before reading the multiplayer review. Well now I will do a review of the better side of Revelations the multiplayer.
For anyone who played multiplayer on brotherhood will know that it worked well but it wasn't perfect. For starters there weren't enough game modes, and the leveling up felt like a task instead of the byproduct of playing well or just a lot. In revelations there are plenty more game modes for you to choose from all of which I enjoy playing unlike brotherhood. Also leveling up  is not only quicker but also funnier with something half decent at every level the best stuff is at the like of lv 10 and lv 20 and the like. Characters can be customized when you unlock them at the respective levels. Also my prays have been answered the best thing about Revelations multiplayer is the speed at which you can connect to a game. In brotherhood it was a long and painful affair but now it is much better it seems to prioritize which games you should go in, and gets you in there. It no longer feels like the computer is battling with all other computers to get a few spots while new games could be created or they could add you to another list.
Over all the multiplayer is a very good side of the game.
Multiplayer 9/10
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Assassins Creed Revelations: Review

When I got this game I  was so excited, this was the next game continues from my personal best game of all time AC Brotherhood left off. I thought nothing could go wrong, then the story started and well its bad. In Brotherhood every action had a general meaning in the game, everything you did was a strike against the Borgia. In Revelations there is no such feeling. you need to get all 5 Masyaf keys to get into Altiar's library that you find at the beginning. You have a coded map as to the locations of the keys and the WHOLE  game is about painstakingly decoding the map and getting the keys. In the interim you help out the local assassins in missions that could be done by well me. I'm not saying the levels are easy but they are just pointless.
     The two big changes in the game-other that the location- are the bombs and the hook blade. The bombs I didn't unlock until the end of the third hour. Very annoying as the game only took me 22 hours to complete. The other main change was the hook blade and there for the zip lines. I will admit that the zip lines are fun, but they are to infrequent when you are going about on the roof from one destination to another you would come across a short one every 200 to 300-I don't know what they are but they are in the bottom corner, I call them clicks. Also my biggest problem with the game is that there are no horses in the city so there are many times when you have to go 1000 clicks and there is no way of getting on a horse and charging across the city. you can use the fast travel stations but they are a bit few and far between for my money. If you do use a fast travel station you then lose the feel of charging around the city on horse back knocking people over indiscriminately. My final view is that they should have ended it on the high that was Brotherhood and brought a book out or something like that as to why they weren't returning to Ezio.
Graphics: Very good graphics, but could be better                                                                                9/10
Sound: Not bad but quite poor lip syncing                                                                                            7/10
Legnth: About 20-25 hours, not bad in this day and age, but an poor story                                            7/10
Multiplayer: A good multiplayer with the introduction of prestige                                                            9/10
Gameplay: Some good mechanics but slightly let down at times.                                                             8/10
So in total that is 8/10 hope you like it.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Uncharted 3:Drakes Deception Review

In this post I will be looking into one of the biggest games on PS3 and-dare I say it- ever, Uncharted 3.
Now to start with lets talk about the bad things in the game, the length of the campaign. Yes I am willing to step outside the box and say that this game is not perfect. The story will take you under 10 hours, now I know this game isn't the only one with a short campaign, but it really does spoil what little there is, due to the fact that you are constantly thinking that this might be the last big gun battle of the game. The story is a compelling one with a constant sense of thrill that very few other games can say they have. The shooting is very nice to use and very accessible to anyone that just comes in and picks it up. This was actually my first Uncharted and I will take away fond memories. Another thing that gets very annoying is the heavily armored enemies that come into the story at various stages they are very hard to kill and are easiest to kill with the use of grandees, that is all very well and good but the grandees are in a short supply. This slows the pace of the game through out. Now onto the crowning glory, the multiplayer, I can honestly say that is is the best multiplayer I have ever had the pleasure to play. The game comes with an amazing 20+ maps, and many fun game modes. The best mode for me is the Survival mode. This is an absolutely brilliant mode that I have and will lose many fun filled hours. There is also a game mode called "The Fun Lab" this mode has ever changing challenges to fill out, at the moment it is a side arm and riot shield only game mode.
Now onto the score:
Gameplay: Very good gameplay with next to no faults.                                                                          8/10
Sound: Amazing lip syncing with some brilliant one liners from the main characters.                               10/10
Graphics: I would say the graphics are unrivaled on the PS3 at this time.                                              10/10
Length: A short campaign leaving you wanting more, but many hours to fill in multiplayer/survival mode. 5/10
Multiplayer: A brilliant multiplayer that I now want in every game.                                                        10/10
That gives a total score of 8.6/10 a brilliant game but will leave you feeling like you have been a bit ripped off.
Thats all for now folks hope you like the post. I will be doing a review for Mass Effect 2 soon so you can watch out for that.