Wednesday, 14 November 2012

News:GTA V trailer launch and Mass Effect 4

Hi guys I have a big news update for you now which will cover GTA V and Mass Effect 4. Lets get straight into it.
Up first on the operation table is GTA V the second trailer is due to be out later today this will give us a new insight into the game that has got everyone talking about it. Before I continue I will just give you some of my favorite screenshots that we have got so far.
 This first photo I picked because it hints at a world full to the brim with things to do such as skydiving...
 ... or taking a nice leisurely bike while taking a break from killing all the civilians and causing general harm to you new city of Los Santos
 This screenshot just shows you how big this game is going to be. It is said to be the size of three of Rockstars biggest games in one massive map...
 ... which brings me nicely onto my next screenshot which includes a helicopter as you have probably seen this just shows how big it will be.
 These two last photos show the nice calm side of the game with a nice old game of tenis, which we can assume is a mini-game, and a dip in a pond/sea. Both showcase the idilyc side of GTA V.

I am really looking forward to the trailer later which I will do a sepeate post on it at a later time.

Right lets get onto the second topic of the day Mass Effect 4 which is going to be run on the frostbite engine wether it will be on Frostbite 2 or a later model of frostbite, Frostbite 3 perhaps. That all the new for that game but as a keen fan of ME I will keep you up to date on any developments.

As you can probably tell now this post was mainly for GTA V with only a little other info, I hope that was OK you can comment bellow if you want me to talk about anything specific.
Thats all for now folks but check back soon as this blog is regularly updated.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Gotham City Imposters

If any of you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been avidly waiting for Gotham City Imposters I will know tell you about what it is like.
OK on with the review. When you first boot up the game-after a arduous download-you will play the initiation you will immediately work out that this isn't you box standard FPS this is a game with a difference. The initiation sees you using a grapple gun, bat wings and a catapult to name but a few. You are then let louse into the full game. I first played the trial-as the full game wasn't out yet- and I thought that because it was a trial all the start of content was locked. It turns out it is locked at the beginning. You soon find out why.
      The leveling system it a very fast paced thing I have played for about 5 hours and I am all ready on level 12. Which may not seem high but for example in ACR after that time I was only on about level 5. They compensate for the fast leveling by putting 1000 levels in. If you would like to take a moment to go back and read that again we will wait for you.... You should now close you mouth. OK and continue. Every 100 levels you get a promotion-or prestiege- and all you guns atachments are reset just like in anyother FPS so that really keeps the momentum going. The game comes with 3 game modes. Yes slightly disappointing but with the promise of DLC's to come I'm sure there will be more in the future. The three modes are TDM-team death match- Fumigation which has you running around the map keeping or capturing gas blasters. There are three gas blasters, once your team has more that 2 gas blasters you team starts getting a percentage of the air space. Once your team has 100% of the air space the game ends with the death of the whole of the other team. The other game mode is a capture the flag. Which is all very well and good but once you have got it back to your base you have to wait for it to take effect for 30 seconds before the flag is reset and your team gets the point so it could do with a bit of fine tuning.
      Now we have heard the good points of the game lets look at the bad. Now before you think that you don't want this game just hold you horses. There is only one problem and that is game connection and matchmaking-so two but thats fine. They will make it so you can come into a match half way through. That will come into affect in the upcoming free DLC.
With all of those things in mind I will give this game a 9/10.
I think it will become a 10/10 when they sort those few things out which they should do soon..... I hope.
Thats all for now folks sorry about the length of this post but I had alot of stuff to say.